1416 Fisher Ave: House Rules

My guests and I will respect the quiet hours which are from 10pm to 8am.

If I or my guests make a mess in any of the common areas, I will clean it up right away.

Out of respect for others, I will not bring or allow my guests to bring pets into the house.

I will inform the landlord and all housemates 24-hours before having any overnight guests. If anyone objects, I will accept the decision and find alternative arrangements.

If I am uncomfortable with any of my housemate's overnight guests, I will inform the landlord and/or my housemate right away.

I and my guests will respect the City's noise by-laws and occupancy limits. (No more than 20 total guests in the house.)

I will request permission from other tenants and inform the landlord before hosting any parties.

I and my guests will not block the parking spots from whoever is permitted to use them.

I will use the kitchen and bathroom on the same floor as my room.

I will request permission to use anything that doesn’t belong to me.

If I damage anything that doesn’t belong to me, I will offer to repair or replace it.

I will not smoke in the house or bring any illegal substances onto the property.

I will not open the windows while the furnace or air conditioner is on.

I understand that the temperature in the house can be anywhere between 21°C and 26°C and will talk with the landlord before changing the thermostat.

I will help put the garbage, recycling, and compost to the curb and will promptly return the empty containers to their rightful places after pick-up.

During the pandemic, I agree to disinfect common area surfaces after using them, wash hands upon re-entering the house, and require that guests complete the COVID-19 attestation form within 24-hours prior to entering the house.

If I start to experience COVID-19 symptoms, I agree to wear a mask, self-isolate, get tested right away, and keep my housemates updated.